[Resources] Mistakes to avoid

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Levent Yildizgoren at a translators’ powwow in Toronto, and I was glad to learn about a brochure he has written to provide clients with strategies to avoid common mistakes in translation projects. The topics included in his publication are in perfect harmony with the material you find in this blog, and some aspects have actually been tackled in our previous posts.

Here are the nine mistakes discussed by Levent in his text:

1 – Doing it yourself
2 – Relying on machine translation
3 – Not telling your translator what it’s for
4 – Not providing all the details to your translator
5 – Not agreeing on the quality criteria
6 – Not using previously translated documents
7 – Choosing the cheapest translator
8 – Not planning the translation project
9 – Not using plain English in your copy

The Nine Translation Slip-ups to Avoid! is a free brochure. Just click on the link, follow the instructions, and you’ll get a beautifully formatted PDF in your mail box within a few seconds.

I’ll certainly be quoting from this brochure in future posts, as it addresses topics I’ve been meaning to write about.

I have more good news: Levent himself got excited about collaborating with us as a guest writer some time soon. So stay tuned!

As with other resources I find pertinent to share with my audience, this one has been added to the “Useful links” section (on the left).