[Resources] Good advice is never too much

Resource #1

The text “5 things you as a translation client can do for a better translation” has a lot in common with my posts under the collaborating with your translator category. Below is my summary of the main ideas in the article, but I encourage you to click on the link and read the full text as well.

  • You should explain your requirements to the translator in detail.
  • You should always respond to the translator’s queries.
  • You should be patient and give enough time for the translator to complete his/her task.
  • You should provide the translator with accurate source data, containing all the relevant information to be translated.
  • You should give the translator genuine feedback regarding the quality of the work.

Resource #2

The section “About Translating & Interpreting” of the Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS) website has a list of many interesting resources for clients to learn from. The list covers an immense variety of topics, a tiny bit of which I’ve tackled, and it certainly has countless issues I intend to write about in the near future. Also, as the title of the section specifies, it includes links to material about interpreting (which is, in very broad terms, the translation of oral texts). Because I find this page extremely rich, I’ve added it to the “Useful links” sidebar.