[Resources] Free e-book on translation

A new e-book has just been published by Lola Bendana and Alan Melby. The PDF Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Translation can be freely accessed by anyone interested in learning more about this craft, from lay people to translators and project managers. The language is quite straightforward and makes for easy reading.

Particularly in line with Translation Client Zone’s goals of client education is the section entitled “Part I: for everyone” (p.15-31). It includes the following topics, among others:

– language service fees
– a translator’s daily output
– characteristics of a successful translation project
– the project management process
– the translation process
– post-delivery inspections
– the role of the translator
– project manager and translator qualifications
– selection of language service provider
– certifications

The other sections are certainly pertinent as well, as they address a wide array of issues that are relevant to those concerned with quality assurance and translation project management. Lists of various resources are also available.

The link to this e-book has been added to TCZ’s “Useful links” section (on the side bar), so you can always find it easily.

Happy reading!