A quick thank-you note

It’s March 30th: Translation Client Zone has been active for a whole year now! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues and friends who—directly or indirectly—have inspired or helped me. Whether you’ve collaborated as a guest writer, narrator, visitor, helped correct my English mistakes, helped improve the content of our posts or simply helped spread the word via Twitter, Facebook or other means, I’m really grateful for your support!

I’ve been learning a lot throughout this process, not only by reflecting and writing about this incredibly wide market (and by putting myself in the client’s shoes), but also by consulting other resources and editing guest posts. It has also been very enriching to discuss relevant issues with the few guest writers I’ve recruited and other (possible) future contributors.

Although I still don’t see much interaction through comments, I’ve heard some anecdotes from colleagues who have referred clients to TCZ and how the info compiled here has made everybody’s life a bit easier. That’s enough for me to keep the ball rolling! I hope the word keeps spreading in this new year, so we can reach more and more translation buyers with invaluable information in order to continually improve the relationship and communication between translators and clients. That’s the main reason why this blog exists.

Many thanks to all of you!