[Resources] Two must-reads

Resource #1

Interpreting and translation are very different activities. The basic difference is that translators work with written texts, whereas interpreters work with oral communication such as in business meetings, conferences, courtrooms, doctor’s appointments, among other situations. While it’s possible for the same person to work in both fields, the dynamics of hiring a professional for a translation job may differ greatly from that of hiring an interpreter.

Targeting buyers of interpreting services, Chris Durban has filled a huge blank with another short and sweet guide endorsed by the ATA: Interpreting: Getting It Right. Just like its twin publication, Translation: Getting It Right, this new resource provides non-linguists with highly useful tips for making smart use of their budget and reducing stress when purchasing interpreting services.

Resource #2

Seeking to help translators draft their own contracts and agreements, the ATA Business Practices Education Committee has put together the Guide to a Translation Services Agreement.

This publication provides not only a customizable model contract in one column, but also enlightening explanations in the second column. While undoubtedly handy for language professionals, it’s certainly useful to translation customers as well.

I’ve also updated my blog post on translation agreements to include the link to this guide.

Many thanks to the ATA members who have put in time and effort to develop these materials.

To help with ease of access, both resources have deservedly been added to TCZ’s “Useful links” section (left column).

Hope you all make good use of them!